We constantly find ourselves being asked the question “How much will CSR cost?” We understand the bottom line concerns of our clients, but instead of asking how much you will spend on CSR, consider this:

How much would you be willing to spend to

  • retain talent
  • improve productivity
  • increase efficiency & reduce waste
  • build a brand that consumers and investors trust 
  • give your business an edge in attracting & keeping partners

Your investmentGlobal Causeways is concerned with your bottom line too, that’s why we use our experience to design CSR initiatives that give your company a healthier bottom line.

The question of “how much” CSR will cost/save you, will ultimately depend on such factors as the size of your company, your industry, your specific CSR objectives and particular areas of concern (if you aren’t sure which areas are relevant to your business, look at our list of services)