As managers begin to appreciate the importance of CSR, they understand the benefits that a strategic CSR policy can bring to their organization.

As a manager looking to introduce good CSR practices to your business, how confidently can you answer the following questions?

Complexities of the Industry

Q1) Do you understand the Global Reporting Initiative? Are you familiar with the ISO 26000, the AccountAbility standard or the principles behind the Triple Bottom Line?

We are. And we are committed to making sure you are too! Whichever your industry, whatever your CSR ambition, Global Causeways will help you understand what to expect and map out the journey to achieve it.

Comprehensive CSR Program

2) What is your idea of CSR? Do you know how to build a CSR program from the ground up starting with stakeholder engagement, through policy formulation, and finally to reporting your CSR initiatives at a universally accepted standard?

We do. Our suite of services covers all aspects of CSR; from our first evaluation of your CSR position, to the planning, management and reporting of your initiatives, Global Causeways helps you make CSR part of your long term business strategy.

Your CSR position

Experts in Strategic CSR

3) Do you know the benchmark for CSR in your industry? Can you identify the areas of risk exposure that you and your competitors face and can you set yourself above them through your CSR?

We can. With us, you will find creative and innovative ways to think about your CSR efforts. We want you to integrate CSR in your business operations and set the standard in strategic CSR so that you can reap the economic benefits that come with it!

Economically Sound Choice

4) Can your company afford to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building and training a team that will manage your CSR? Can you afford to leave your CSR in the hands of an inexperienced team that will make expensive mistakes?

You can’t. Today’s businesses cannot afford to NOT take CSR seriously. Yet, we know that the cost of hiring a CSR manager (or entire department!), and the challenge of finding someone qualified to manage your CSR program and ensure that you are meeting industry and international standards, is daunting. With Global Causeways, you will get specialized CSR consultants for far less than what it would cost you to hire comparable in-house personnel.