Global Causeways is unique in our approach to your CSR. We were founded and built on the understanding that:

  • CSR is not just producing a sustainability report; it is running your business sustainably.
  • CSR is more than making a charitable donation then informing the media; it is sharing the success of your company with the communities who have made you successful.
  • CSR is not unavoidable operational expenditure; it retains employees, generates new business and keeps stakeholders happy. In short, strategic CSR improves your bottom line

What Global Causeways does for you:

We keep your long term position in mind

So you can forget about one-off unsustainable projects that lack direction and coherence.

We understand that (whether you are just starting on CSR or are looking to raise the bar on your existing CSR), every business’ CSR journey is unique

So you don’t get one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t really solve anything.

We listen to the needs and concerns of your organization first

So that you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from entrusting your CSR to professionals who share your CSR vision.

We have spent years refining our Cause-Alignment-Model and building up our implementation capacity in the region

So that you are working with trusted, transparent implementers knowing that your corporate giving project is not just another ‘greenwash’.

Concerned Corporations, Consumers & CommunitiesConcerned Corporations, Consumers & CommunitiesAs a business manager, you would not invest in a project or new department and then not follow up to ensure deliverables are met. Global Causeways understands that CSR is an investment and we hold your CSR to the same high standard as every other aspect of your business.