Having FunWhile managers steer and direct CSR, it is your employees who will feel its effects most profoundly and who will eventually become your biggest advocates. Empower your employees to get the most out of your CSR journey with our executive training modules:

Driving CSR organically from the workforceBeing an Active Stakeholder

  • Getting involved in your company‚Äôs CSR
  • What avenues can you explore; what skills can you bring
  • Getting your company interested in CSR that matters to you

You and Your Socially Responsible Employer

  • What it really means to work for a Socially Responsible Corporation

Increasing perspectivesCSR Projects: Getting yours off the ground

  • Planning & Executing an Outreach Project
  • Monitoring your project

CSR Communications

  • How to talk about CSR in your Company
  • Sharing your CSR experiences