Your managers will be the driving force of CSR for your business. They need to understand the playing field and believe in the power of CSR before they are equipped to plan and execute strategic CSR for your company. Global Causeways has the following training modules for your managers:

Management Training

Introduction to Industry Standards

  • Standards that are available (reporting vs compliance)
  • Relative merits of existing CSR standards
  • Best CSR guide for your business
  • CSR awards

Annual vs Sustainability vs Integrated Reporting

CSR for your Business

  • Business Case for CSR
  • CSR Leaders/Standards in your Industry

CSR Management

  • Getting CSR on the Boardroom Agenda¬†
  • Bridging CSR from Boardroom to Break-room

A Case-Study Approach to CSR

  • Success Stories
  • Wash Outs
  • Lessons to be learnt from both