We know that we live in a giving, charitable community. Students come together to help the needy, and individuals and groups give their time and energy to reach out to those less fortunate.

While good intentions are important, being undiscerning about your adopted cause can mean that you expend a lot of time and energy without really doing much good – least of all for the people you would most like to help.

From the experience we have gained, Global Causeways can show you where and how to focus your efforts so that they can be most effective. For youths and volunteers, we provide the following introductory workshops:

Introduction to Volunteerism

  • Developing your own volunteer profile
  • Understanding yourself to better help others

Your Cause, Their Rules

  • Finding a cause that matches your values
  • What to expect from your volunteering experience
  • How NOT to help

Project Selection, Implementation & Evaluation

Choosing the Right Partner

Intercultural Awareness

  • Developing your skills and sensibilities to operate in mixed culture groups
  • Being inclusive
  • Celebrating differences

Intercultural Communication

  • Causeways across language barriers
  • Establishing common ground

Environmental Awareness

  • Making small steps towards a big change
  • Green Passport


College students