Whether you are a business owner or a private donor, your decision to give to charity is not taken lightly. Your chosen beneficiary is likely to be:

  • a cause that you have a special interest inCutting through the confusion
  • a charity whose work you have seen and believe in
  • an organization wherein you know or know of someone and they have left a compelling impression

Having these features is undoubtedly important, but whether your donations are made as a representative of your company, or in your own personal capacity, your chosen beneficiary should also:

  • have a reasonable administration to intervention ratio
  • have transparent, preferably audited annual and project reports
  • be a cause that you can envision supporting for the next 2-5 years
  • make clear to you where your donation is going

When you work with Global Causeways, we make sure of these things before making our recommendation to you. This way, you can be sure that your chosen beneficiary is not only one that is meaningful to you, but one that is also making meaningful differences in the lives it claims to help.

We call it the million dollar question. Do you want to (a) give a million dollars to a charity or (b) do a million dollars’ worth of charity? If you answered (b) then you need a philanthropic consultant who can help you avoid the pitfalls of giving to inefficient or unreliable organizations who will squander your donation.